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  • Pigeon peristaltic nipple plastic feeding bottle is a healthy start to a baby’s independent eating habits.
  • The bottle allows natural movement of the baby’s tongue, ensuring maximum development of baby’s facial and jaw muscles.
  • The peristaltic bottle incorporates a unique air ventilation system that allows minimum air intake and easy gliding of milk into the baby’s stomach.
  • The unique streamline shape of the bottle makes it easy for the mother to hold, clean and feed.
  • The nipple of the bottle is stretchable and allows easy sucking and wide movement of the baby’s tongue.
  • Made with ultra-soft silicone rubber with its double thickness, the nipple ensures softness and elasticity, which allows the baby to latch on to it easily.
  • The nipple gets perfectly fit into the baby’s tongue and encourages the peristaltic motion of the tongue.
  • The nipple can also be adjusted to increase or decrease the flow of milk.
  • As babies grow up to be independent eaters, their bottle feeding needs also become different.
  • They also look to hold the bottles on their own and to feed in larger quantities for each meal.
  • PIGEON’s Plastic Bottle (Slim Neck) Clear Cap helps to smoothen your baby’s transition into independent feeding.
  • The BPA free plastic material of the feeding bottles is light and is easy to hold and clean.
  • Age : 4 m+

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